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Up-all night personal injury attorneys in NYC provide FREE Consultations to vehicle accident victims through out the boroughs of New York:  Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Long Island. Call to speak with one of the firms attorneys. our attorneys are seasoned professionals that have practiced personal injury for over 20 specializing in New York auto accident injury claims.

Individuals injured in an auto accident, are left physically and mentally traumatized. Our job is to take the burden of what's to come off your shoulders. Our clients are our number one priority.

Make that call and have one of our, NYC car accident lawyers help you determine whether or not you have a case. There are two insurance companied involved in any vehicle accident. The one thing to understand is that New York is a no-fault state and you are covered, no matter whose at fault. Our job is to get your insurance claim processed so that your medical bills get paid.

Never accept a settlement agreement from an insurance company before speaking to an expert accident attorney. Auto insurance companies do not want to payout. They will try to minimize the severity of your injuries or get you to sign an injury liability release form. Hire an attorney that will protect you from the tricks adjustors will play on victims.

Injured in an auto accident in Manhattan (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Long Island? Contact our personal injury law firm at 212-252-2081. We protect your legal rights.

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I find Paul to be very compassionate and kind, so he is able to understand the struggles his clients go through. He aggressively pursues the responsible party in order to get the best resolution possible for his clients. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. 

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