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Accident Report - Insurance Code - NYPD Precincts

If your seriously injured in an accident in NYC, police reports will be useful when filing a no-fault injury claim. Serious injury accidents may even include photographs. In New York it will usually take about two to three business days to get your accident police report .

NYPD car accident report

The accident report determines who is at fault for an accident. This document may be the most important piece of evidence when filing a personal injury claim in New York State.

The accident report will identify the insurance company (DMV Insurance Codes and Company Contacts) that insures the other vehicle involved in crash. The officer on the scene does all the work for you in obtaining the necessary information needed in the events of filing a personal injury claim.

You will be able to find the insurance company representing the other driver by looking for the three digit code located towards the bottom of the report on the right. That three digit code will correspond to codes provided by the New York DMV and the New York State Insurance Department.

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